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Pokemon Stats ... and Poke ID.


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Hello all!

I recently tried out the Pokesav application and was pleasantly surprised. I love WiFi battling but hate when I have to train up a brand new poke... even if it's just to test out a hopeful team... I successfully created my team of six pokes... but for some reason their stats do not match up with the identical poke on Shoddy Battle's Team Builder.

I'll take one of my Pokes as an example



255 Speed ... 255 Attack

@ Choice Band


For some reason when I made his stats max... his speed stat was right on track with Shoddy battles... but his attack stat was much (10+ points) higher then the identical poke.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I do not want this poke to be illegal in WiFi battles (I.E jacked stats). Would it be easier to manually adjust my stats through Pokesav, or leave them empty and just input their EV's?

I know these pokes won't be "legit..." but I'd like to play with them and not have to worry I'm being unfair!

Also... for whatever reason their I.D. is showing up as 00000 even if i generate it... any suggestions?



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I figured out what I was doing wrong! I didn't take into account the natures or anything... was a pretty noob move on my part. My OU team is now up and ready to go... already 3 - 1 with it. Building an NU team now... which I find much more interesting then the OU bracket.

My other question about the PID's I figured out on my own... but I do have a question about making my pokes look a bit more legit:

When I create them it shows "Met at <Random Location>, Apparently met at level <Level>" The places between the <> changes depending on what I've input obviously ... but is there anyway to get it to say caught at level "23, or 56" or whatever, or do I have to make each poke look like they were hatched or created in a trade?

Maybe what I should be asking is: What should the text read for the various different types of acquisition: I.E. ... trade, hatch, caught, pal parked.

To be clear... I do not wish to trade these pokes off... or anything like that.. I just like to make them as legit as possible so not to offend any battlers.

Thanks for the help!

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