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soft resetting mirage island generated number?


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so im considering trying to find mirage island and shiny hunt for wynaut on there. through the internet i heard that when a new number is generated for mirage island on a new day it doesnt stay set untill you save that day. so you could essentially soft reset for a number matching the id of one of the pokemon in your party. before considering this can anyone tell me if this is true or not? just dont want to soft reset over and over only to find out that you cant soft reset the generated number. thanks!

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@paulydoregon unless someone else can provide results and explanation, the answer is apparently no.

Regardless of being RS or E, from my tests, the same number gets generated.
It looks as tho the new number was generated either based on the old number or using the present 'real time clock',
or some if/or option relating to both.

Note: These 3 sets of values are all different old saves, all from Sapphire.
My 0000 -> 9454 (four different sets of saves at different points in time all resulted in this)
My 92F8 -> 9454
My 9E97 -> D0C2

I did tests with Emerald as well, but it yielded a similar pattern of results.

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35 minutes ago, paulydoregon said:

alright so just to clarify, from your info it looks like you cant reset the generated number of a new day. so i cant just save the day before and soft reset over and over when its the next day correct? and thanks for checking!


At least from my experience, it doesn't seem to be the case, sorry :/

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>soft reset for a number matching

NO. The MirageValue is independent from others, just date. "Wait for next day" is the only way to update the MirageValue. Day6735 always match PID: ____9454h, whatever you do.

  • Day1(clock set): val=0, match PID: none,
  • Day2: val=00003039h, match PID: none,
  • Day3: val=D3DC167Eh, match PID: ____D3DC,
  • Day6735: val=9454B433, match PID: ____9454,
  • Day(n+1)=Day(n)*41C64E6Dh+3039h


If battery has dead, the MirageValue will NEVER update, without NewGame. This means:

  1. If you save Day3~ BEFORE battery_dead, and battery dead, a PID_Matched 1 mon will ALWAYS match.
  2. If you start NewGame AFTER battery_dead, any PID will NEVER match.

You can test many mons in boxes, without waiting next day.

  1. Go PC and fill party (also 6 is ok)
  2. Talk to the old man, Pacifidlog Town.
  3. If not appeared, go PC and fill party with another mons.
  4. If appeared, start detecting a PID_Matched 1 mon from party. Just repeat talk&deposit.

When next day appears, the MirageValue update, and a PID-Matched 1 mon will become unmatched. You need to re-test.

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