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GoldTrainer's Platinum Team. Please Rate.

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I accidentally posted this in the wrong section. But I've got it right now.

And before anyone says otherwise, this is my competitive team, not in-game (though it works there too.)

Anyway, here they are:

Blaziken (male)

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Blaze

Item: Scope Lens


Blaze Kick

Shadow Claw


Sky Uppercut

EVs: 252 ATK / 252 SPEED


HP: 301

Atk: 339

Def: 176


Sp.Def: 176

Speed: 284

Gardevoir (female)

Nature: Timid

Ability: Synchronize

Item: Lum Berry



Calm Mind

Focus Blast

ThunderboltEVs: 188 SP.ATK / 64 DEF / 252 SPEED


HP: 277

Atk: 149

Def: 182

Sp.Atk: 333

Sp.Def: 266

Speed: 284

Salamence (male)

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Intimidate

Item: Yache Berry




Fire Blast (may replace with Fire Fang)

Dragon Dance


EVs: 252 ATK / 252 SPEED

HP: 331

Atk: 369

Def: 196

Sp.Atk: 230

Sp.Def: 196

Speed: 328

Roserade (female)

Nature: Timid

Ability: Natural Cure

Item: Black Sludge


Energy Ball

Shadow Ball

Sludge Bomb

Sleep Powder

EVs: 190 SP. ATK / 66 DEF / 252 SPEED


HP: 261

Atk: 158

Def: 162

Sp.Atk: 333

Sp.Def: 246

Speed: 306

Milotic (female)

Nature: Modest

Ability: Marvel Scale

Item: Salac Berry


Ice Beam


Hydro Pump

Mirror Coat

EVs: 252 SP.ATK / 252 SPEED


HP: 331

Atk: 140

Def: 194

Sp.Atk: 328

Sp.Def: 286

Speed: 261

Metagross (genderless)

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Clear Body

Item: Life Orb


Meteor Mash


Ice Punch


EVs: 202 ATK / 152 SP.DEF/ 152 SPEED


HP: 301

Atk: 392

Def: 296

Sp.Atk: 203

Sp.Def: 254

Speed: 214

Tell me what you think. I'm not sure how to calculate EVs, but what I have listed are my closest estimates.

Oh, and one thing, I don't like to teach two of my team pokemon the same moves, or give them the same items. Its kind of my style.

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Your "style" is putting you at a disadvantage to everyone else who doesn't follow the pointless rules you impose on yourself.

On another note, don't post in the wrong forum.

And don't re-post this in Team Discussion until you've read the rules there (IE clearly defined roles for your team). Posting the Pokemon, EVs, and move sets tells us nothing about your strategy.

TLDR: Lurk more, read the stickies/rules, and read the forum description before posting in it.


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