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Party Request - Reward: 6 Legit Event Pokemon (TRU Arceus, PC Pichu and more.)


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Hi, I'm new here.

I need some help, I lost my party, a friend released the pokemon and save the game. :mad:

So, i created some .PKM files on Pokesav, they're exactly as the one i have, well, except for the IV's and EV's. xD

I can offer some legit event pokemon in return, i have a TRU Arceus, shokotan Pichu, etc.

I can post the AR code for the pokemon, just tell me where i put them (party, box1, box2, slot 1-20)

Thanks in advance!!!!

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This is the list of the Pokemon I can offer in return:

-Pokemon Battle Revolution Surfing Pikachu

-Pokemon Ranch Pikachu

-Pokemon Ranch Lickitung

-Pokemon Ranch Eevee

-Pokemon Ranch Miltank

-Pokemon Ranch Shroomish

-Pokemon Ranch Wailmer

-Pokemon Ranch Staravia

-Pokemon Ranch Pachirisu

-Pokemon Ranch Buneary

-Pokemon Ranch Phione

-Japanese Pokemon Ranch Mew

-Aura Mew

-Pokemon xD Lugia

-Mt. Battle Ho-oh

-10th Anniversary Lugia

-10th Anniversary Ho-oh

-10th Anniversary Raikou

-10th Anniversary Entei

-10th Anniversary Suicune

-10th Anniversary Celebi

-Ageto Celebi

-WishMaker Jirachi

-Pokemon Channel Jirachi

-Nintendo Zone Jirachi

-Negaiboshi Jirachi

-Space C Deoxys New

-Gamestop Deoxys

-Alamos Darkrai

-VGC09 Milotic

-Pokemon Ranger Manaphy egg

-E4ALL Manaphy

-TRU Manaphy

-TRU Dragonite

-TRU Shaymin

-TRU Regigigas

-TRU Arceus

-Pokemon Day (UK) Regigias

-Eigakan Shaymin

-Shokotan Pikachu-colored Pichu

-Eigakan Arceus

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  • 7 months later...

I can give you gallade any level metagross any level or altaria any level for that 13th movie celebi( if it is the right one)

Is the ageto celebi the 13th movie one?

P.s. My friend code for pokemon soul silver is 3094 9355 3354 player name is Ash.

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