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Moving Saved Game Data Files

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Apologies if I haven't chosen the correct topic board for this query.

Essentially my situation is - on a nostalgia wave I bought an old Heartgold game cartridge for my DS lite. At the start of my Heartgold I traded a couple of my shineys from my old Diamond game onto my new one, with the plan to turn them from level 5s into absolute beasts. Turns out the Heartgold cartridge I bought was corrupted and, while it stills works up to a point where it loads the game itself and allows to me start a new game and acknowledges I have saved data on it, it black screens when I try to load my game. 

After looking online and finding very vague answers regarding this I believe it's possible to transfer my saved data onto a different cartridge. I was hoping someone here would be able to give more detail/links to some solid advice on the additional hardware/steps I would need to go through to do this, as it would be a damn shame to lose some rare pokemon for the sake of a busted game cartridge.

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Do you have a 3DS/2DS? You can install custom firmware on it that will allow you to extract save files from DS and 3DS games. I personally recommend Checkpoint as the app: it's quick, easy to use, and has a very consistent file/folder structure where it puts output files. You can easily find a download for it over here, and if you don't already have a 2/3DS with CFW installed, http://3ds.guide is a good, straightforward site that walks you through the process. 
(CFW also allows you to rip ROMs from cartridges, so all may not be lost for your HeartGold cartridge depending on how corrupted it is.)

Otherwise, there's a few external DS save adapter tools out there that can grab the save file and hook it right up to your computer, the best-known one being the NDS Adapter Plus. I personally have no experience with it and I've heard of it being able to overheat to dangerous levels, but it may be cheaper than outright buying a 2DS/3DS for homebrew.

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