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[Potential Event] Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon Go

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This thread is here, because it's likely it would happen, with proper key references from the game's coding (not just from random rumours). If it doesn't, I'll simply shift the thread.
Before we begin, let's acknowledge a few key points:

  • Armored Mewtwo was in the Original movie, so it's not any real surprise it'll be in this remake/reworked movie
  • Armored Mewtwo does not confirm nor deny everyone's favorite rumor (armored/spirit evolutions in Gen 8). This isn't the thread to talk about that though.
  • It is unknown if they plan to have Armored Mewtwo in Sword & Shield (regardless of armored/spirit rumour or plainly as a costumed gimmick)

On April 07, 2019, a new Mewtwo form Mewtwo_A was added to Pokémon Go's Master.
With the First Movie's Remake looming over the community, and remembering how it existed in the original movie,
it was speculated to be Armored Mewtwo. There's no 3D model/sprite of it in Pokémon Go at said stage yet, though.


Chrales' patch notes:

Image from Reddit Thread:

On April 12, 2019, the Japanese TV Show Oha Suta revealed Armored Mewtwo's new look in a new trailer, and that showcased trailer subsequently got uploaded to youtube.


Image from video:


Breakdown of it's *potential* connectivity in Pokémon Go
If the game master of Pokémon Go was indeed referring to Armored Mewtwo, there are a few things that need to be considered:

  • Whether Armored Mewtwo is transferable to Sword & Shield
    • At this stage, no Pokémon Go transfer to Gen 8 mechanic has been confirmed.

      GameFreak has a long history of adding new features in one game, and not including it in the next.
      Who knows what they'll do?
    • Pokémon Go didn't allow costumed Pokémon to be transferred (this could easily follow that rule)

      Understandably, it may be because some of those models weren't even programmed into Let's Go to begin with.
      Thing is, the Ash Capped Pikachu exists in SM/USUM, but was deliberately left out of LGPE anyway,
      despite the fact that the Original Cap Pikachu was also released for Pokémon Go.

      In any case, this "rule" would make sense, if the Armored Mewtwo's inclusion in Pokémon Go was purely a marketing gimmick with the movie, and has nothing to do with Sword & Shield.
  • Is Armored Mewtwo even in Sword & Shield?
    • This point connects to the previous 2 sub-points.
  • Side-note: Isn't it kinda sad that only Mewtwo from the movie gets such an inclusion, while the other cloned Pokémon with unique patterns gets ignored? At least Charizard is getting it's own card:



More details will be added to this post as more information comes along.

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