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Switch Events Contribution Thread

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Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your events moderator and forum manager here!

As a new line of games on a new console is coming up, changes are required for new contributions!

Please submit ALL from below:

  1. If possible, submit a RAM DUMP obtained during the redemption process.
    It likely contains a wnxfull (name pending to change), which is a full card.
    [I'm not sure if Switch supports RAM DUMPING yet, but it'll likely come at some point]
    If unable to, use PKHeX to the PB7 file.
    [You need to use homebrew or CFW to extract a save from your Switch]
  2. Submit a photograph or in-game screenshot of receiving the gift.
  3. Submit photographs relating to the event (a code card, a receipt with the serial code, brochures or pamphlets, people at the event etc)
  4. Context to the event (ie. Self obtained? Location? Was it crowded? Collection Process etc.)


As your saves are located on the Switch console itself (not your cartridge), you'll definitely need Homebrew or CFW on your Switch in order to extract your save.

From now till the release of the games, if you need to install whatever, please do so if you intend to contribute :)
(and of course, we're not responsible to anything that happens to your Switch)

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Updated requirements; as wonder cards are not stored on save, users can contribution P7 (the Pokemon file),
Provided they show relevent proof and documentation.

edit: If possible, PM me the save that received the wonder card.

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