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Help with injecting clothes - Pokemon XY

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I am sorry for the inconvenience of this post, as I have seen someone else mention this issue as well.

I am using Citra to play Pokémon X, and the one thing I am not able to do is to change clothes without freezing. I could just hack in money or give all accessories, but the game freezes when I put on any new clothes, so my only option is to inject clothes using PKHEX. I spent about 2 days injecting clothes using PKHEX, and I know it is extremely tedious. The 'E', 'F', and 'G' values refer to the clothes, but I don't know the values for specific clothes items. I used this guide:

Injecting Guide

The game freezes every time I change my clothes. Here is a screenshot of what my character is supposed to look like:


Can someone who has access to both, PKHEX and Pokémon X/Y, help me with this issue? I need the outfit values that have to be entered in PKHEX to achieve the above customization options (Pangoro Sprig Hat, Zipped Shirt Combo Black which corresponds to 'E' with value 17, Short Cargo Pants Black, Loafers Brown, Vinyl Messenger Bag Brown). The skin color is a bit less white which corresponds to 'A' with value 136, hairstyle is very short which corresponds to 'C' with value 33, Mega Ring accessory corresponds to 'D' with value 5. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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I know this is quiiiiite late but, you should try again now if you haven't lost interest in injecting clothes. PKHeX has made it easier to inject clothing items in Pokémon XY now, whereas you can now select clothing with a text option instead of a number value on an A-P grid. You can also change skin color as well, along with haircut/color with a text option!

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