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Editing data in PkHeX; checksum doesn't change


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Awhile back, I edited my game's playtime in PkHeX to force the checksum to be a value that yields a shiny Jirachi from the Colosseum Bonus Disc.  I'm trying to do that again; however, I'm not sure what exactly I did the first time, and I'm having a bit of difficulty.  Here's what I'm doing:

1. I open the .sav in HxD Hex Editor and locate the checksum.

2. I open the .sav in PkHeX and edit the playtime.

3. I go to File -> Export SAV -> Main and save my file.

4. I locate the file and manually add .sav to the file name.

5. I open the new file in HxD, browse to the same location I found the checksum at in step 1, and view it.

The checksum doesn't change though.  Why would this be?  Am I doing something wrong?  I know if I do it properly it should change since I've done this before (with an earlier version of PkHeX).

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2 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

you likely edited the backup save file, not the active one

(the sav stores two files in the event one is corrupt).

I'm familiar with the two save banks; however, I wasn't aware that I had a choice in which one I edited.  How do I change between them in PkHeX?

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