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Gen VI - Wonder Card - 3DS Rng

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Hi guys,


I am currently trining to get the Event pokémon from last Gen (AS).


I found a program called 3DSRNG Tool: GitHub


This programm allows me to show the frame I need to RNG. The problem is the desired frame is 60+ hours away. Is there a programm or way to calculate the PID/EC for the target frame? Or to skipp to the frame? (I have CFW pcalc ntr)


Is the day of receiving independent or is it bound to the date I recived the WonderCard and not the pokémon? I tested wc6 card and wc6full card and the behave differently in that aspect. (Example if u recive a wonder card at 1.1.2018 but the desired frame is 48hours away, i could only recive it on the 3.1.2018 legally. (Date of reciving, Met date info in pkHax)



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