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Suspect Gravity (HGSS)


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Well a load of pokemon now know that awesome move gravity. So I might make a new team, maybe make it's suspect this time.

Heres are some ideas I have


My lead, this guy now knows gravity (I think). I was thinking around the lines of Spikes, Taunt, Superpower, Gravity


My other possible lead, this dude knows gravity as well, he could also be a possible earthquaker.


A possible trapper, I also comtemplating it being a focus sash lead because it now knows reversal!


If I'm running suspect this guy could be a good choice, earthquake, dragon rush? Fire Fang, Stone Edge Choice Scarfed


It knows gravity too! And it goes pretty darn well with it as it nows.. blizzard, thunder and hydro pump.


92% sleeper? A special earthquake? 100% Seed Flare!!!! Flinchhax airslash?, this will probably be a beast


This dude as always been one of my fav pokemon. 100% Megahorn, earthquake, close combat, night slash/stone edge


This has been the most solid gravity user and probably still is

Porygon 2/z

Bulky 2 or offensive z? Either way both know gravity

Maybe an item to lenghen gravity came out? idk but that would be awesome

I was thinking of adding both garchomp annnd shaymin-s but a shared 4X weakness isn't the best choice? Maybe a heatran could solve this?

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