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Legitimate an Hatched Pal Park pokemon


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Hi all, I've read the threads and there're sth i dun understand.

Whats should I input in the "Egg received at" field if I want the pokemon to look like hatched from an egg in GBA, and then transfered to pal park?

Whats the corresponding trash byte values then?

Also, can I use any PID that does not match its IVs if the pokemon is hatched from GBA and catched in palpark?

Thank you for your help.

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I believe you don't have to mess around with any of the egg parts if you're making it look like it's been migrated. All the data on the pokemon will be changed to how Pal Park works and the egg looks won't be shown. So You don't need to use the Egg Hatched At and Date Egg Received and anything to do with eggs. Instead you should put the Met in Level the Level it look like when you migrated it, Met in Place to 55, Date Met to when you migrated it and Hometown to whichever game you migrated it from.

Any PID will do with the IV's.

If you are gonna try fixing Trash Bytes, it will be easiest if you attach it and someone fixes it for you or you Download the Legal.zip by Sabresite, it includes a TrashByte Normalizer which fixes the Trash Bytes by dropping the PKM File onto the TrashByte Normalizer Icon. You can download it in this thread.

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