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USUM - Pokemon Stand Roto Lotto Gift


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A wonder card from the mystery gift servers has been captured recently,
and it reveals a possible upcoming giveaway featuring Roto Lotto items.

Based on the details on the server, it appears that:
1. It'll be given away as a serial code
2. They intend to give it away to All Regions 3DS.
3. Player has chance of getting one out of the set of three randomly.

Additionally, the Japanese text on all cards (including international ones) loosely translates to:
Roto Lotto present given away to those whom made purchases at the Pokemon Stand!
Have fun using Roto Lotto during your adventure in Alola!

What, where and when is this Pokemon Stand?
Based on the card, I assume that Stand will be in Japan,
and that GF expect international audience, hence why the serial code being region free.
More details will be added, as they come out.

The 3 sets are:
1. Roto HP Restore x4 and Roto Boost x4
2. Roto Hatch x4 and Roto Exp. Points x4
3. Roto Prize Money x4 and Roto Bargain x4

WC: ポケモンスタンドでロトポン
Roto HP Restore
       Roto HP Restore x 4
0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
Roto Boost
Roto Boost
Serial Code  |  TBA  |  All Regions 3DS: USUM

Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20180526_1015

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News update!

As reported on the main Japanese site, the Pokémon Stand are a new class of vending machines that players can purchase merchandise from, convenient for players that don't have the time to make a trip to Pokémon Centers!

Starting from 15th June, these stands would also operate as a Gym in Pokémon Go!


This news is relevant to this particular page, as we previously reported seeing Roto Lotto gifts online.
Turns out, you get a Roto Lotto serial code for every purchase, while stocks last.
The last date of redemption was not mentioned in the official article.


Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2018/06/180608_p04.html

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