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Managing NDS Saves: Using the NDS Adapter Plus

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This is a very outdated method involving a device called an NDS Adaptor Plus. This method should only be used if you do not have access to a hacked 3DS, as it is not as reliable, and only works on Windows XP and Windows 7 (with some tweaks to your operating system NOT RECOMENDED). There are other alternatives to this device (R4i Save Dongle) but all of the alternatives suffer from some of the same problems or even worse. I recommend that if you really want to use the NDS adaptor Plus instead of a hacked 3DS, you either use a really old (Windows XP) computer, or use a windows XP virtual machine with USB pass-through (what I will be using in this tutorial). Please don't ask how to set up a virtual machine. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet.

1. Download the latest drivers and program for the NDS Adapter Plus from here.

2. Open device manager and find the device with the Yellow "!" as shown below (Note: you may have multiple items without proper drivers, so look for something similar to what is shown in the picture). Next, right click on the device and click "update driver".

3. Click on "install from a list or specific location". Then click next.

4. Point the box shown below to where the "driver" folder that came in the NDS Adaptor Plus Zip is. (Note: you will need to keep these driver files in the same spot or the device may stop working. I recommend moving the contents of the zip you downloaded to the location shown in the picture. You can then make a shortcut to the program on your desktop and not have to touch this folder again.)

5. Click "Continue Anyway".

6. Click "Finish" (Note: Please make sure that the screen says "The wizard has finished installing the software for: EMS Inter-Link Cable" as shown in the picture below.)

7. Launch the NDS Adaptor Plus software and if you installed the drivers correctly, you should see that your game is detected in the program. If your game is correctly recognized then click "Back up (cart to PC)". To restore your save after editing it, click "Download (PC to cart)" instead.

8. Point where you would like your save to go, name your save whatever you would like, If your save was successfully exported, you should see it in the folder you exported it to.


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