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Request:Trading for diancite

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As you can see from my avatar, I love diancie and I want a mega diancie.I play pokemon X and downloaded an alpha sapphire file, added a diancie,put the held item diancite and dragged it the to X they said,"Game can't obtain item:Diancite sure to continue?I hit yes but there was no held item.I guess I will need a trade.I can't use 2 citras as it will be laggy.Someone pls help or tell me how to input diancite.If there is no way,it is perfectly fine.Thanks:)

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53 minutes ago, PokePrincess said:

How do we change outfit in pokemon X?There is no confirm button.Is it a glitch?

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Pokemon X and Y doesn't run well on Citra.

You've likely come across another point in the game that'll hang.

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