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Cloning Glitch using Poketransporter (presently not patched)

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Howdy guys, today I'll be presenting to you all:
Poketransporter Cloning Glitch

(and of course, we aren't responsible for any mishaps)

What you'll need:
1. An active subscription of Pokemon Bank
2. Virtual Console version of Pokemon Gold or Silver (and potentially Crystal). Works on both JPN and ENG (KOR Untested)
3. Reached the point where you can clone Pokemon in the VC games
4. An empty box 1 (anything here will be deleted)
5. A full box of Pokemon you want to clone

Alright, let's begin.
1. "Change Box" to Box 1
2. Save the game
3. Changing box to the box full of Pokemon to be cloned. When it is saving, reset the game (timing akin to cloning on VC)
4. Once the game reloads, immediately proceed to Poketransporter
5. If all is done correctly, Poketransporter will incorrectly show the Pokemon from the other box. Transfer said Pokemon.

At this point, you have cloned your Pokemon from the other box! It'll be in both your VC games and your Pokebank!

Known side effect: having a glitched "amount" seen in your Box 1.
I characterised this as a "value underflow".
Poketransporter tries to perform a subtraction on the amount of Pokemon in the Box 1, but since it was 0, it went under and reverted to values above x99, and starts showing glitch symbols (in a similar style to Gen 1, when item cloning goes above x99).
If you want to prevent this, have a full box of unwanted Pokemon in box 1.


here is a video doen by KrimzenTV, who chanced upon it:


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