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Unlocking All Hairstyles and clothes


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13 minutes ago, Kaphotics said:

PKHeX can unlock all clothing in the Trainer Editor.

Hair cosmetics, nobody has researched afaik.

If that's the case, is there a way for me to "beat" the elite 4, but not really beating them just to unlock one hairstyle? 

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14 minutes ago, Seouless said:

In an older version of PKHex, they have "Is Alolan Champion" Event Flag which I used to unlock the hairstyle in S/M before actually beating the Elite Four.

Don't know if they're going to add it to the latest version of PKHex which is US/UM compatible.

... it'll be available in the next release :)


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4 hours ago, wuxbustah8 said:

Can you still go through story mode like normal with this checked?

It might not be good to have that checked while going through Story Mode.
But, if you're just looking to unlock something that you need to be the Alolan Champion, you could obtain whatever you looking for and uncheck it afterwards.


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