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[Question]gold VC(JPN)load error

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Your save is displaying the same way on my computer.

However, my save (which is on an emulator right now, as I haven't imported it to my 3DS yet) is displaying my OT just fine. No issues with the nicknames either. Converting it to the VC size, it's still displaying normal for me. A random throwaway save I did on the console has no issues either.

I'll attach my throwaway save in case it helps the developer figure out what's wrong with yours: 


Edit: I think it has something to do with the default name. Using "ゴールド" from the drop down menu instead of inputting one is giving me the same issue. Typing  ゴールド in manually is also giving me the same issue. 

ゴールド OT.dat

ゴールド typed in manually.dat

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