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Unable to find starting backpack


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I used the give all fashion items option to give myself all the clothes that were in the game, but by doing that, it seems that I have lost the original backpack that you start the game with. The only backpacks I seem to have are sporty backpacks, scout backpacks and leather backpacks. I am also missing my original ingame pants (not like I needed those, as I only use the dark blue jeans) I was unable to post screenshots, because my screenshots always seem to be corrupted. I have uploaded my save file according to what the faq and before you post post asked me to do. I haven't found any other topic mentioning this which is why I am posting it here


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Then I guess I'm some sort of witch?
Hahaha, jk. All you gotta do is to de-select any custom clothes you're wearing, and then, ta-dah! default clothes!


PS: It has nothing to do with your topic, but I'll have you know anyway, you've got several poorly hacked Pokémon in your living Dex. You've even got N's Zekrom from Black (I guess obtained via some "Catch Trainer's Pokémon" cheat).

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I feel real stupid now hahaha. And I already know about most of those poorly hacked mons, but I wouldn't worry too much about them since most of them I got through my friends pokemon black/hgss/diamond save, and they all passed the pokemon bank. Multiple times (to x and y and alpha sapohire and now sun.) It seems that my friend hacked everything in his game (if you look at the first box, you can see that he also hacked a rattata)

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