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Managing GB/GBC Saves: Overview

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These tutorials will guide you through backing up and restoring saves for your Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. These saves can be used with emulators, save editors, and as general save backups.

Cartridge Methods

If you wish to backup or restore your save from a physical cartridge, and if you have a Retron 5, follow this guide:

Alternatively, if you have a Hyperkin Smartboy, follow this guide:

3DS VC Methods

If your target Gameboy or Gameboy Color game is a 3DS virtual console version, please refer to the tutorial for managing 3DS saves:

Using Emulators

If you're playing on an emulator instead of a console, getting your save data is far easier and requires no hardware except for a compatible computer. follow this guide to learn how to get your saves from certain emulators:



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Just now, NinFanBoyFTW said:

Yeah it used to be really bad and you weren't able to restore your saves back to the cartridge. It would literally delete your save,but now its pretty reliable.

That's good, I wish more people knew that you could import your old pokemon (and back up your retro save file) with this and import them into XY

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