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unanswered Would it be possible to insert Unova Champion Iris into a PWT file?

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I've been wondering if it'd be possible to insert Unova Champion Iris into a PWT file. Is it possible to add Iris's sprite into the PWT, & allow her champion music to play when she enters? Her team's not an issue at all to put in, it's just the sprite/music that trips me up a bit.

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I've been wanting to add an entry for Iris in the Champions Tournament since I've seen her team in action (it may be Dragon-type like Lance's but hey, that Haxorus could tear everything up if your team's unprepared, so that's why I've been wanting to do this). How would I be able to do such a thing in the Champions Tournament?

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I've figured it out, but the only problem is where are the ingame tournaments stored (Champions Tournament is what I need). Also NARCTool throws an exception whenever I try to unpack the narcs for the trainer data/pokes.

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