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Speculation: Was Brooklet Hill meant to be more expansive?


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Basically as per image,
Out-of-bound flat-surfaces mostly don't have movement permissions,
an example being the golf course next to the hotel.
(Trying to walk there will effectively sink you into the ground)

Interesting thing is, Brooklet Hill's model has a cave entrance, and that entire plot of land has movement permissions.

Opinion time: I feel like the entire Alola are missing proper exploratory caves.
Certainly, traversing across deep and endless caves, that does get boring.
(Seriously, Rock Tunnel was a chore)

But the route up Wela Volcano Park effectively sporting "teleporting caves", wasted chance to give us more fire type Pokemon.
(perhaps higher levels for deeper cave, accessible after Champion title or something)

Resolution cave, effectively looks like Terminus, but didn't give us a Stationary Encounter with Zyga- I meant Hydreigon Guzzlord.

Verdant Cavern was too open, once again not truly an exploration type of cave.

Seaward cave was the only thing close to an exploration cave, and I originally didn't even know it existed,
but the lack of diversity of Pokemon there troubles me.

[At least Poni Canyon had caves that were a bit fun, but gosh Tapu Village/Pre Elite Four route wasn't flushed out entirely, IMO]

In any case, I view that Brooklet Hills cavern could have been scrapped late in development,
but given I'm basing this off 1 model, it's kind of a stretch.

So instead, I say that I think that it's a missed opportunity:
Brooklet Hills combined with a Meteor Falls type of cavern would have been great to capture Pokemon that are affiliated to meteors,
or evolve by water/moon stones.

That preamble is way too overdone.
Let's discuss.

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