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X/Y: Shaymin + Gracidea Flower

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So... I tried to gen a Shaymin in PKHeX with valid stats and such, and inserted it into my gamesav. However, when I recieved the gracedea flower and used it, it said it had no effect. The time of day was daylight, the moves are valid, the met date is today, in a normal pokeball, has it's own PID and SID and my Shaymin was from 3 different areas:

Diamond Poketransfer (Fateful Encounter)

X (Fateful Encounter) (Threw the "Unable to match to a mystery gift in the database" Error, as well as "Unable to provide a suggestion")


Platinum Flower Paradise (Fateful Encounter)

I don't know why it isn't working for X and Y... any help would be appreciated.

Ignore Image Below (Don't know how to delete from Uploaded Images)



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Nevermind, I found my answer. I was able to change shaymin into sky forme. Oddly enough, my game was on AM time, not PM time. Changing this allowed the transformation to take place. ^_^

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Still, the Shaymin is illegal, as no Shaymin can be encountered in Lumiose city, nor in Pokeball.

Here's an easier way:
Drag this file into the left side of PKHeX, then edit the relevant details, then Set it into a slot in the box.


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