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[Platinum] Adding new Moves


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Hi, I'm new. I've been here for a while, just never had a voice. Anyway, I'm making a hack of Platinum, you know basic stuff, 493,difficulty and maybe fairy-type, still looking into that. But point of this topic is about adding new moves. I figured I would just add the text for the move, Like the Name and the " (pokemon) used (move)!" Text. Then I edited the aspects of the move. Its:

Water Type
Hits both pokemon in battle.

Oh by the by, I'm trying to add Origin Pulse.
And everything works, The game recognizes the move as a move, but the problem is that whenever the move is used in battle, it shows the animation for "Hitting Yourself In Confusion" and does EXACTLY 1 HP to the pokemon that uses it. I think it may be because the move has no description, but I have no clue. I have replaced moves such as sheer cold, with Moonblast, with the ??? type and it still did damage. Has anyone added moves to any gen 4 game before or might know why the move doesn't work properly? Any help is appreciated, Thank you.

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As it turns out, this is something that I looked into a couple of months ago. I was able to add several moves to HG/SS. There are a few issues with this though. The editors for attacks don't have all of the information editable. There's references to animations and effects that aren't listed.

Basically, from what I can find, these are the files related to attacks.

	waza_tbl.narc | /a/0/1/1 - Move Table
	we.narc | /a/0/1/0 - Move Effects
	we_sub.narc | /a/0/6/1 - 
	be_seq.narc | /a/0/3/0 - Move Behaviours
	sub_seq.narc | /a/0/0/1 - 
	waza_seq.narc | /a/0/0/0 - 
		wechar.narc | /a/0/2/2 - Move Tiles
		wepltt.narc | /a/0/2/3 - Move Palettes
		wecell.narc | /a/0/2/4 - Move Cells
		wecellanm.narc | /a/0/2/5 - Move Animations
		waza_particle.narc | /a/0/2/9 - Move Particle Data

The names are the Platinum file names and the numbers are the HG/SS file names.

Now, you can see that there are a few things unknown here. In order to add new attacks and get them to work, you'll have to figure out what those last few files do. As well, there's on other caveat to new moves. Pokemon learnsets use two bytes per move. the first 9 bits are the Move ID and the last 7 bits are the level. The problem is that 9 bits gives you 0-511. Any moves with an ID over 511 can't be added to learnsets without some editing on the backend too.

EDIT: I can't remember off the top of my head, but there are five(?) text files for attacks. I'd have to look to see which ones though.

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