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Black Screen with 4Gen Game.


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Hi ! 

Because of starting a huge personnal database (from Gen 1 to 7), i've decided today to withdraw pokemon from my Pokemon Ranch AND Pokemon Box (but in fact this, it's not important). But the problem is i lost the cartridge which I used for putting all my Pokemon on Pokemon Ranch. So I dumped my new save (pokemon pearl) and edited only Trainer + TID + SID.

I injected the game, launched the game, and after the journal, black screen. I know it's in early stage, and you focus on the Gen VII, but i thought that this problem was important.

I can provide the base save + save edited with the crash, if needed.

Thanks !

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Hey. If the problem is that the game is running and you can hear the music but your in a black screen, then try going to your trainer info on pkhex and putting these numbers for your map position






see if that works and let me know. if it doesn't let me know and ill give you some different coordinates

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Hey o/ !

Thanks for the answer. Sadly i've already tried that (because i was sure at 99% the problem was from the map position) with a valid Diamond save. Didn't work. Maybe i didn't save properly / idk gonna retry.

But if it's the map position, I know where to look, thanks o/

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