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Newbie here, could someone check this team?


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Alright, so I'm completely new to Pokesav, and I'm trying to make a team that passes Nintendo's checks. Problem is, I'm having a real hard time doing it. Could anyone take a look at these Pokemon and tell me what's wrong? They don't pass the battle video check.

And again, I'm a complete newbie, so it's probably a really obvious mistake. This also isn't an original team, it's a team someone at Smogon posted, and I was just trying it out to see what works so I can build my own. I'm new to competitive battling too. xD













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Let's see what's up with them.

Azelf: Its PID doesn't match its IVs. Since Azelf isn't hatched, you'll need to use PID/IV to make its PID. Meaning... you'll need to modify its IVs a bit until you get a matching PID for them.

Empoleon: Looks good to me.

Gengar: Same problem as Azelf.

Infernape: Looks fine.

Jirachi: Same as Azelf and Gengar.

This one's harder, though, since you have to make its algorithm Common GBA Event Restricted to be legal - which is pretty hard, I've never done it.

Also, Trash Bytes are important on these kinds of Pokemon. I can't check them, but they're important for legality checks.

Suicune: Suicune can't be captured in Hoenn, as well as the same problem as the above 3.

I don't know if the Trash Bytes are correct here, either.

Hmm... that's all I see right now. Maybe someone else can come and check the T. Bytes.

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Hmm. Alright, so Legit.exe gives me this on Gengar


So since you found a problem with its PID... how can I check this?

Also, I used the PID/IV feature of Pokesav to generate it, so what went wrong there?

EDIT: Also, I've been checking these individually with battle videos, and the Azelf passes.

Edited Suicune as well (met at lv40 in Orre) and it passes. All that's left is Jirachi, but I can't seem to find a good PID to get good IVs and Common GBA Event Restricted.

Also, is there a list anywhere of which event Pokemon have which type? I didn't know Jirachi had to be Common GBA Event Restricted, and that makes it quite a bit trickier.

Edited by yanautopia
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Without even checking the PKM files, I can tell there are going to be issues with at least two of the Pokemon; Jirachi and Suicune.

A legal English Jirachi is very hard to make. The solution? Make a Japanese Negaiboshi Jirachi. They can be unrestricted GBA events.

There two types of Suicune. The first is the roaming one from Fire Red and Leaf Green. This Suicune is not ideal to use because it always has horrible IVs. The other Suicune is the one you obtain from Pokemon Colosseum. This one can have high IVs but cannot be made legal because the algorithm the PID conforms to is unknown.

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Alright, so basically... even if the Suicune passes Nintendo's checks, anyone looking at it will be able to tell that it's hacked? Hmm.

No, if anyone will be able to tell whether it's illegal or legal it would Nintendo. Otherwise, no one will be able to tell. The only place you'd even have a chance of being caught at is at an official Nintendo tournament.

And I didn't know Japanese Jirachis could be unrestricted GBA events... see this is why I need a list. xD

You'd know if you read the Readme that comes with the Legality Checker.

- Common GBA Event (Restricted) - This type is seen with particular promotional GBA pokemon.

The following pokemon should ALWAYS be this type.

- WISHMKR Jirachi

- 10th Anniversary Pokemon (All countries)

- Bryant Park 10 ANIV Pokemon

- SPACE C Deoxys

- DOEL Deoxys

- ROCKS & Festa Metang

- GW, Yokohama & ANA pikachu

- Mitsurin Celebi

- Sunday Pikachu and Wobbuffet

- PCJP Pokemon

- Pokepark Pokemon

- Hadou Mew and Regis

- Tanabata Jirachi (2004-2006)


- Common GBA Event (Unrestricted) - This type is seen with particular promotional GBA pokemon.

The following pokemon use both restricted & unresticted:

- Pokemon Center Japan

- Negai Boshi Jirachi

- Pokemon Box pichu, skitty, swablu, and zigzagoon

- MYSTRY mew

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Suddenly I feel very very stupid.

Anyway, I just want to make sure these Pokemon work on PBR and don't show up as hacked if someone tries to post a battle video. (And I have succeeded in doing so - thanks for the tip about the Jirachi.) Tournaments, not so much.

The only thing I'm worried about is that Suicune.

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