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Need help with checking SID on White2!


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This is my first post, hello everyone! :D

I need help with checking my SID, recently I continued on my White 2 game that I started 2 years ago... Anyways, I'm now up to catching my favorite pokemon Latias and I really want one that I can keep in my team and bring forward to new Pokemon games in the future! So I was searching online for experience in catching legendary Pokemon with better IVs when I accidentally stumbled over the term rng, which led me to deeper research and led me to this forum lol.

I don't have any other generation of Pokemon game with me since I used to play on my friends' consoles and my computer, and my White 2 is my first retail game that I bought myself, so it is special to me and I'm extra careful with it. I only have one 3DS XL with me which I got from the US, but I live in another country now so I can't get XY or ORAS any time soon. The gaming shops over here don't have nds adapter plus either so I can't use Pokegen to check my SID myself :S So I'm wondering if anyone could help me check? :tongue: Assuming that you know how to :o I have read online that someone can check the SID for another person if that other person trades a pokemon to the first person's gen 6 game.

Thanks in advance! And please don't hesitate to PM me regarding this or just to chat, I'm looking forward to knowing people here :)

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Thanks for the info! I googled these two up, and I'm quite confused at the moment (I'm really new to these things unfortunately), I'm sorry if the questions below are common sense and sound really stupid :tongue:

- Does homebrew launcher make any fundamental changes to my 3ds xl short and long term? e.g. Will running it slow my 3ds xl down, or stop Nintendo software from working?

- Will TWL Save Tool do anything to the game apart from saving it and restoring save files?

- So if my guess is correct, the right sequence of checking my SID is installing Homebrew Launcher, installing Pokemon transfer, installing TWL Save Tool, saving the game in SD card, checking SID on Pokegen?

- I have firmware version 4. Something right now, is it safe for me to update to the newest firmware then proceed to installing the things above?

( Kinda need more specific instructions cos I'm afraid of messing my 3ds xl up:S)

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