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new here - trying to add Bulbazor and Charmander to soulsilver

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i want to swap my lvl 5 Starter with Charmander and add a Bulbazor with it

rest of my team i can catch

can you please tell me how to do it in Pokegen ?

i got the save file just after i left the lab with Chikorita but if i change it to Charmander it keeps Chikorita stats

how can i add those two or any other pokemons to my save file but with good and the right Attacks/stats/iv's and such


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If you really want a legal Bulbasaur and Charmander, you can use PKHeX, just start a Fire Red or Leaf Green save, choose Charmander as the starter, and save, after that, you open two PKHeX instances and load the Fire Red save in one, and the Soul Silver in the another, then just drag and drop the Charmander to Soul Silver instance, the Pokémon will be converted. Don't forget to save the chances, repeat the process with Bulbasaur.

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