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XY/ORAS - Movie 19 Shiny Gardevoir (Japan)


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A shiny Gardevoir is going to be distributed in Japan from June 17th to July 8th 2016 via Serialcodes.

Codes will be available at various stores as well as Pokemon Centers and via 7 Spot at 7-11.

Pokemon: Gardevoir


Level: 50

OT: キミア


Ability: Synchronize



Dazzling Gleam


Stored Power

Calm Mind

Item: Gardevoirite

Pokeball: Cherish Ball



Dates: codes distributed from June 17th to July 8th, 2016, redeemable until August 31st, 2016

Game Distribution: XY, ORAS

Distribution Type: Serialcode

Distribution Location: Pokemon Centers, various stores

Sources: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/black_sirnight/

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