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PKHex, QR injection, and game / system update questions

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I have a question for those that probably already tested all this.

I have been able to download pokemon events from the net just fine for a year now, still can, but today, I tried to get an event downloaded via code using one of the physical code cards, and it says I have to update the game version to use that for some reason.

I never downloaded the update patches for my latest Pokemon games due to all the mixed info about how updating breaks the ability to use PKHex / QR code browser injection. I never saw clear cut confirmation weather it was just the fact they patched the browser exploit with the system update... OR if the games' actual version update also made you unable to use PKHex / QR code injection.

My question....

If I can bypass the system update check and have eshop access (already can thanks to httpwn), then update the Pokemon games themselves (to 1.4 or 1.5, whatever it is now) so I can use the event codes, can I still use the QR code browser exploit and PKHex to inject pokemon on the latest Pokemon X / Y / OR / AS version updates, or did they change something about the save data in ram so it doesn't work?

TLDR: Does QR code based web browser exploit ram injection still work on fully updated game carts if you have a system that can use the web injection exploit, or do the game updates cause it to not work?

My second question...

I also have a separate 9.2 3DS and want to know also if updating the Pokemon games to the newest versions will break my ability to put the carts into the older system without those updates and having it not load the game if I don't have the latest updates installed.

I want to update my game carts, but I don't want to lose the ability to use the QR injection method, or not be able to put them into an older system without the games' update patches.

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When you update a game, it simply downloads an update to your console, and leaves your cartridge alone. If you run the game on a console with the update, it'll be the latest version. If you run the game on a console without the update, it'll be the original version.

There are better ways to do all of this, however. Using CFW you can import/export save files using JK's Save Manager and edit them directly with PKHex. There are two ways you can set it up:

Menuhax & Emunand - Everything boots in 30-40 seconds, 90% boot rate to emunand (sysnand works fine), but has almost 0 risk. Just make sure to backup your SD first.

  • If your console is above 9.2 and below 11.0, follow parts 1 and 2 of this guide (Getting Homebrew and Downgrading).
  • Follow this guide to set up emuNAND and CFW.
  • Use FBI, which is installed in the above guide, to install JK's Save Manager, linked to above.
  • It's probably mentioned in the guide above, just take care to only update emunand using System Settings. And be sure you're in emuNAND immediately prior to updating. As soon as you leave System Settings, you will go back into sysNAND. Be careful not to update sysNAND, or you will lose all *hax access on that console.
  • If you decide to install Arm9Loaderhax in the future, follow this guide starting at step 4.

Arm9Loaderhax - Boots faster, more reliably, and feels less hack-ish, but can brick your console if you don't follow the guide word for word. No skipping steps.

  • With recent tools becoming much safer, there's still a chance to brick your console using this method. If you make a NAND backup, you can hire someone to fix it, though. Using older, less reliable tools, I bricked my old 3DS, but using the newer tools, I installed it successfully on my new 3DS.
  • If you feel uncomfortable doing this, use Menuhax & Emunand.
  • Follow this guide. If your console is on 9.2, you can skip Part 2 (Downgrading).
  • Use FBI, which is installed in the above guide, to install JK's Save Manager, linked to above.

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I already got all that, but I wasn't planning on doing that with this main 3DS console. I've only installed menuhax so I can use httpwn to bypass the system version check and use the eshop and other online stuff like pokebank. I have an old 9.2 3DS that I plan to keep on 9.2 and was going to use that console to do the QR code injection because it's really fast and easy and doesn't permantly affect my save file until I save the game.

I just want to be certain that if I update my cartridge versions of X, Y, OR, and AS on this 10.3 version 3DS, will it still let me play the games on the 9.2 3DS, or will it just say that it won't start the game because the update patches aren't downloaded?

I also wanted to know if I can use the QR injection if the games are updated to their latest versions... just in case I need to download the game updates to the 9.2 version 3DS. I don't want to break the ability to use the web exploit on those games on the 9.2 3DS.

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