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Regarding legality checks on battle video loading


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Battle videos stores as current level the one used during battle. So per example a VGC battle locks all the mons to level 50, that may lead to issues like invalid current level being lower than the met one.

Also notice the battle video store mons name meeting the language of the player game is using them, but still stores them as the original language, without flag on the nickname.

If I playing with a spanish language-set game play against japanese language-set game, the battle video will save all the of my mons with the corresponding spanish name and all the Pokemon from the other trainer with the japanese name regardless of what the real original language is. Per example my Xerneas with japanese name would be save as "Xerneas" inside the battle video (without flag on nickname) instead of "ゼルネアス" which would be the correct name.

This actually only affects videos produced from battle where nicknames are not show and leads into PkHeX into marking them as illegal because "Nickname does not match species name."

You wouldn't really want to prevent PkHeX from marking this mons as illegal when loaded from battle videos you because people would probably just drag and drop them into their saves without being aware of the problem. The big problem is another:

I actually have two versions of the PkHeX binary, and old one where the legality checker was implemented for the first time, and the latest one. Tried to open the same battle video with both. Loaded the same Gengar I know is completely legit from the battle video to Editing Tabs on both. One flags it as illegal (the most recent one) and the other not. "Invalid: GeoLocation -- Previous country of residence but no Handling Trainer."

I compared both and what I can see is the most recent version is unable to read latest handler (no-OT) memories when it's loaded from a battle video. I also noticed that PkHeX shows non-OT friendship on the main tab regardless of if the current handler is the OT or not. Of course all of this only happens when the program loads the Pokemon from a battle video, works correctly when loading a separate .pk6 or a complete save file.

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Yeah all of this without a save file loaded onto pkhex before, with it loaded there was no issues. As well disabling the editing pk6 option fixed the issue. Thanks!

Btw, there's a specific name for the binary that could disable by default that option?

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