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Gen I Collection [.PKM/Saves] [ENG] - Update 2016-04-24

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Moved: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48694-RoC-s-PC-Collection-through-the-Ages-U-20160519

Here's a bunch of stuff from my Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow VC save-files (01710, 01711, 01712).

20160424 - 0228

- 151/151 Dex

- 9/9 Red In-game trades

- 9/9 Blue In-game trades

- 7/7 Yellow In-game trades

- 100% Red Save

- 100% Blue Save

- 100% Yellow Save

- Long Range Trainer Glitch Mew

- wilykat's Mew (YOSHIRB, 55702)

Extracted using


- Pikasav 1.4

- Metropolis' PKXDelta

- Rhydon

Gen I PKM File Structure for PKX Delta / PikaSav (for reference, thanks Metropolis!)

0x00: Species (Index)

0x01-0x0B: Trainer Name

0x0C-0x16: Pokémon Name / Nickname

0x17: Species (Index)

0x18-0x19: Current HP

0x1A: Level

0x1B: Status

0x1C: Type 1

0x1D: Type 2

0x1E: Catch Rate

0x1F: Move 1

0x20: Move 2

0x21: Move 3

0x22: Move 4

0x23-0x24: Trainer ID

0x25-0x27: Experience

0x28-0x29: HP EV

0x2A-0x2B: Attack EV

0x2C-0x2D: Defense EV

0x2E-0x2F: Speed EV

0x30-0x31: Special EV

0x32: Attack + Defense IV (4 bits each)

0x33: Speed + Special IV (4 bits each)

0x34: Move 1 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x35: Move 2 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x36: Move 3 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x37: Move 4 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

Gen I PK1 File Structure for Rhydon

0x01: Species (Index)

0x03: Species (Index)

0x05: Current HP

0x06: Level

0x07: Status

0x08: Type 1

0x09: Type 2

0x0A: Catch Rate

0x0B: Move 1

0x0C: Move 2

0x0D: Move 3

0x0E: Move 4

0x0F-0x10: Trainer ID

0x11-0x13: Experience

0x14-0x15: HP EV

0x16-0x17: Attack EV

0x18-0x19: Defense EV

0x1A-0x1B: Speed EV

0x1C-0x1D: Special EV

0x1E: Attack + Defense IV (4 bits each)

0x1F: Speed + Special IV (4 bits each)

0x20: Move 1 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x21: Move 2 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x22: Move 3 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x23: Move 4 PP Ups + Current PP (2 + 6 bits)

0x2F-0x39: Trainer Name

0x40-0x44: Pokémon Name / Nickname

Hope it's helpful or something when we get to transfer from Gen I to Sun/Moon.

Edited by ReignOfComputer

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Interesting collection, great work.

Could I make a suggestion?

It has recently been discovered that due to generation 1's RNG, certain combinations of IVs are illegal, notably perfect spreads for almost all Pokemon.

It would be great if in anticipation of Sun/Moon any illegal spreads could be weeded out.

Of course on the real cartridges, connection to Gen 2 is possible, opening up almost all spreads due to the new breeding mechanics, but for Gen 1 -> Sun/Moon this would be an issue.

The rules for legit spreads actually turn out rather complex, if you look through some of the research that's been done around the RNG you'll see what I mean. The rules end up depending on the encounter rate of the areas where that Pokemon could be caught. It's doable on a case by case basis, hard to implement with absolute confidence.

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