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Problems with PKHex


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I recently used PKHex on my 3DS for Omega Ruby, but unfortunately I think I accidentally corrupted the save file. I can't access the game and when I try to edit the save file I have, the Pokemon still show up, but the Boxes they are in are either blank or have a weird random symbol. Is there anything that can be done? At the very least I'd like to just wipe my Omega Ruby sav file and start over as I was only 45 minutes in.

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So is there a way to fix this by dumping the boxes? If I were to just get rid of all the pokemon I had, would that fix the whole box problem or no? It's really weird. Once I start the game, I get a random screen shot pop up then the opening for the game starts. After that once the opening is over or I skip it, the game just stops working. Also when using the PkHex my battle box as well as whatever is to the left of the battle box has red boxes. Is there a way to just restart the Omega Ruby sav file at all?

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