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Question About IV Breeding


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I have a Ditto Naughty Nature with flawless HP and Speed, a Ditto Quirky Nature with flawless Attack and Defense, and a Beldum from Steven.

And after a dozens of Eggs, I managed to bred a Beldum Calm Nature with 3 flawless IV, that is HP, Attack, and Defense.

The question is:

Is it possible to breed 4 or more flawless IV in Pokemon Emerald? If it's possible, how many eggs needed for that possibility?

Now I have a Beldum with 3 flawless IV but the Nature isn't the one I want, if I breed that Beldum with Adamant Ditto (with no flawless IV), do I need to repeat the steps from the start?

Thanks :)

sorry for my bad english.

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Yes, I agree it's hard.

How many times I try, I can't get the flawless IV in all stat. I follow the guide pressed the button at the right time, but I still can't get the flawless IV. The best I get is 31/31/31/7/16/31.

If I use the normal method non RNGing, is it take a long time to get that spread?

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wow I think finding wild shiny is the one that near impossible, but this is more than that.

but from what I read, the PID of bred Pokemon doesn't include the IV Spread, it's just the nature, gender, and abilty, is it true?

if it's true than we can safely make a pokemon with flawless iv spread, right?

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