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A workaround for the illegal mode bug where forms cannot be changed


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So, as the title states, this is just a little tutorial on how to work around Illegal mode not changing the forms of Pokemon with Alternate Forms. It's actually really simple to do. You need to have two copies (just copy+paste the first one) of PKHeX (to make it faster) and you also need to know how to activate the hidden "illegal mode." You can look it up for yourself, however, if you do not know. The steps go as the following:

1. Open up PKHeX.

2. Create any Pokemon that has an alternate form in the alternate form you want it to be in. (Ex: Mega Charizard X)

3. Save that creation of yours.

4. Now open up the illegal mode PKHeX (Try looking up "PKHeX how to activate Illegal Mode" or something around those lines) and open up your previously saved file. The form will be retained, but don't change it to another form. (I honestly don't know what happens when that happens.)

5. Edit to your desire and overwrite the previously saved file when done.

Note that this only applies to the Pokemon with alternate forms, like Rotom, All non-Mega Evolved Pokemon that are able to Mega Evolve, Kyurem, Keldeo, etc.

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