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Keep in mind this team uses a few HMs (even though Surf is commonly used competitively) because I hate swapping with the PC to surf/fly.

It's probably pretty bad, but I'm curious to see where I can go with this competitively since I've done really all there is to do in the real game. This is my result after some intensive leveling and a pretty standard play-through. All EVs/IVs I can change per request, but I'll list what I have now. All natures are a result of decently high IVs (but not all 31 or anything).

All pass legal checker and are able to be uploaded in a battle video to the GTS.

ANY suggestions welcome.

Alakazam @ Life Orb

Lvl. 70


252 Speed/252 SAtk./6 HP


Focus Blast

Shadow Ball

Calm Mind

Rhyperior @ Life Orb

Lvl. 70


205 HP/100 Atk./205 Def.


Stone Edge


Swords Dance

Magmortar @ Heat Rock

Lvl. 70


252 Speed/252 SAtk./6 HP


Solar Beam


Sunny Day

Jolteon @ Magnet

Lvl. 70


252 Speed/252 SAtk./6 HP


Hidden Power (Ice)


Charge Beam

Empoleon @ Leftovers

Lvl. 70


252 HP/252 SDef./6 SAtk.


Ice Beam

Grass Knot

Stealth Rock

Dragonite @ Life Orb

Lvl. 70


200 Atk./200 SAtk./100 Speed


Draco Meteor


Dragon Dance

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If this is the latest post in this section, then this Competitive Battling section truly has died...

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. If you can't even see the fairly LARGE section that says "Rate my Team," how in the world do you ever intend for us to expect your smart enough to play competitively? You just failed the first impressions.

I could turn this post into a rant about how idiocy is a plague, but to be honest, anyone who cares, knows, and all who don't are part of it.

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