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ΩR/αS - Lv.99 Pikachu (Japan)

King Impoleon

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A new event has been announced for Japan. As part of the celebration of the Pokémon With You campaign from December 20th 2015, a special Pikachu will be distributed in Fukushima.


Pokemon: Pikachu

Level: 99


ID: 12205

Ability: Static



- Happy Hour

- Play Nice

- Hold Hands

- Flash

Item: Rare Candy

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Souvenir

Location: Unknown

Dates: 12/20/2015

Game Distribution: ΩR/αS

Distribution Type:

Distribution Location: Fukushima

Source: http://pokemon-matome.net/articles/94427.html


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Just to clarify, Nintendo made a mistake when announcing this distribution : they said this Pikachu would have a Souvenir Ribbon, but it is actually wearing a Classic Ribbon.

Sources :

* http://www.pokemon.co.jp/withU/report/2016/01/pokemon-with-you-342.html

* http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2015/12/151218_p06.html?ep002=news

[2016年1月8日追記] プレゼントされる特別な「ピカチュウ」のリボンについて、記載が誤っていたため、修正いたしました。実際にプレゼントされるのは「クラシックリボン」をつけた「ピカチュウ」になります。
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