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Pokemon Rayless Ruby and Shadow Sapphire

Brendan/May Clothes Color  

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  1. 1. Brendan/May Clothes Color

    • blue clothes like in T-Tars series
    • dark purple clothes to match shadow pokmemon theme

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I have an idea for a ORAS hack that's similar to TyranitarTube's alpha sapphire extreme randomizer. And by Similar, I mean having the theme of shadow pokemon, but not just shadow ho-oh or lugia. Right now I have a gateway card, but it doesn't work(I think it's a factory error, and am getting a new one soon). So, I need people to help me with this. Also, I might need a different name for Rayless Ruby. thanks for reading :biggrin: (ALSO: I meant a not randomized version)

UPDATE: I have started editing the files and have a new Gateway card, but I can't edit the ExeFS for some reason. If anyone knows how to, I'd appreciate the help. I've also started going through the garc files, changing things such as the title and the sprites of pokemon. I am going to probably edit the encounter tables to include some shadow pokemon, and also to include more pokemon in general. Another thing I am going to do is change is the evolutions, to give trade evolutions alternate evolutions that you can use instead, and to change some evolutions(not all) like friendship evolutions to be easier. I know I put a poll in the thread, but I will probably not make the clothes purple because that would make it seem like the main character is corrupted, but he/she isn't.

UPDATE 2: I know this should probably be going in the progressing edits page instead of the rom edit ideas, but I have no clue how to move it. Also, I've lost the USB flashdrive that contained the files that I was . However, the only thing I actually did was the respriting of several shadow pokemon that are in the game. I plan to make more changes now that I figured out how to edit the ExeFS, and am also going to dedicate more of my time into editing it(before I dedicated most of my time to my youtube channel, but now Im going to spend more time doing this). Another change to note will be that I will definitely give shadow pokemon a slight, but noticeable stat boost, yet making them a rare incounter(2%-3% chance to find them, and only 1 every 3 or so routes, and each having a lower catch-rate). Now, because there are these good pokemon with higher stats, the games difficulty will be harder, and I plan to have the Elite 4 have lvl 70-80 pokemon on the first match. NOTE:Playing a nuzlocke of this game is definitely possible, but [unless you are really lucky,] you will probably not find many non-legedary shadow pokemon, which is one of the main parts of the game.

UPDATE: I made a post in the progressing edits page, check there for future updates!

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TyranitarTube uses different ROMs each episode so good luck

So, Once the series is done, we/I/whoever makes the ROM can base it off of that rom. Oras has over 800 pokemon slots in it, even if the game only includes 721 pokemon. If you mean he uses different rom for each episode because of pokemon limitations, thats technically not an issue. Edit: Nevermind, apparently the other 79 slots are used all for alt forms/megas, but I now realize what you ment. I may just replace some characters in general, (maybe not have wallace as the champion or team galactic in the delta episode).

Edit: I see what you mean by that now, because of character replacement. Right now I'm thinking to make it different from TTar's hack, but with the simililarity of shadow pokemon in the plot.

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On 4/10/2016 at 4:05 PM, BPNG PokeCraft said:

Did this ever actually happen?

Yeah, I made a different thread in the progressing edits section. There updated screenshots & Stuff there. There's also a page for it on gbatemp. The first release is going to be out relatively soon

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