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Gateway 3DS questions

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I am new and i hope this is the right forum for this.

I want to order a Gateway 3DS Ultra to play Neo X/Y and Rutile Rubin/Star Sapphire on my 3DS

- My 3DS is Ver. 6.1.0.-10E. Só this should work since it is below 9.2?

- For German People: Do you know where i can buy the cart in germany/austria from a decent/reliable shop?

- Can i edit saves or cheat on the edited roms with PK3ds? Sorry i am totally new i do not know anything about 3DS hacking. I am fine with the old games (supercard dstwo) but i do not know anything about that. Is there a newbie guide if you do not want to answer my questions?

Thank you very much!!


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1. It should work nicely. Keep in mind that if you downgrade to 4.X, your saves will no longer worked and will need to be exported before havd and imported afterward using savedatafiler.

2. (I'm not German, so I can't say for sure, but if you can't find a good shop, you can try importing one from another country. Shipping may take longer though.)

3. Using FBI or devmenu, install savedatafiler. This will let you import and export saves for all games.

In my experience, you can use PKHeX to edit the save for Star Sapphire, and it will probably work on Neo X/Y too.

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Thank you very much for your kind answer!

1. Is there a reason i should downgrade to 4.x from 6.x? Or should i just keep it @ 6.x?

2. I ordered from playmods co uk with Express Shipping. Hope it arrives this weak :) Thanks anyway.

3. That's what i wanted to hear! Thanks.

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1. If you downgrade, you can start Gateway with system settings, as opposed to the browser. The disadvantage is that even with rxTools, saves for 6.X games (like Pokemon) aren't encrypted properly. It doesn't matter as long as your Gateway (or legit carts with rxTools) are only run on your console, or exported with savedatafiler before switching consoles.

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