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Exeggutor @ focas sash



EVs: 252 speed, 180 sp atk, 176 atk


- Sunny day

- solar beam

- explosion

- sleep powder

Comment: ok well i choose exeggutor because i think it tricks most ppl to thinking its a sunny day team, but ive won most of my battles with exeggutor even tho its a NU i think it has a lot of potential. i first start to set up the sunny day to increase my speed, and if i find the oppenent a threat i use explosion, which almost always takes them down, but if i think i can take the oppenent down i try to.

Cresselia @ leftovers



EVs: 252 hp, 252 def, 4 sp atk

Role:support/ wall

- Moonlight

- reflect

- ice beam

- thunder wave

Comment: ok well at first i thought cress was no good at all until u set up the reflect and paralyze the foe. For some reason when i battle my friends they allways get annoyed how they cant kill cress. thunderwave helps alot with the next poke im about to list.

Togekiss @ Leftovers


Ability:serene grace

EVs: 252 hp 252 sp def

Role:umm sweeper i think:)

- air slash

- nasty plot

- roost

- thunder wave

Comment: ok well as u can see why thunder wave is a big help, just because some ppl accually switch out to other pokemon just finding out that there next poke is gonna be paralyzed to. this is when i switch in with togekiss after the cress when the poke is paralyzed and i just start attacking with air slashes hoping it will flinch or be paralyzed and not able to attack, and if i find it that i need more power i just nasty plot when i can.

breloom @ toxic orb


Ability: poison heal

EVs: 252 atk,44 hp, 212speed


- spore

- focas punch

- substitute

- seed bomb

Comment: ok well this is where it gets good:). breloom really helped my team when i added it, i think the poison heal is really helpful if u substitute alot, and also the seed bomb is good when the foe has ghost

Scizor @ Life orb



EVs: 252 atk, 224 speed, 32 hp

Role:Killer! lol

- swords dance

- bullet punch

- roost

- super powerr

Comment: ok well scizor can almost kill anything with its bullet punch and a couple of swords dances, only problem i have is against fire types like charizard, thats y i find fire types a major threat to scizor and to breloom, but once i power scizor up with swords dance its really hard to take it down since the bullet punch almost allways goes first.

Heatran @ choice scarf


Ability:flash fire

EVs: 4 hp 252 sp atk, 252 speed


- fire blast

- dragon pulse

- explosion

- earth power

Comment: last but not least heatran ok well the choice scarf can be really helpful at sometimes, along with the flash fire. the choice scarf sometimes tricks ppl into thinking that there pokemon are faster, well.... wrong heatran is, and flash fire helps because when i have either scizor or breloom and i suspect a fire move just switch out to heatran to absorb the attack.

well thats my team i am working on another one but that will come later. soo please tell me what you think, and maybe help me with a new team maybe, feel free to say what you want just nothing to mean, and as u can tell i dont know much about pokemon but i try:)

thanks for your time

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Looks good to me, but w/ your exaccutor if the guy looks like a threat to you don't explode

but make him fall asleep and switch out if you like. A Nape might cause you a lot of trouble,

majority of dragons and Jirachi scarf.

Team looks standard.

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Aight, You have a huge Infernape, Tyranitar, Salamence, Gyarados and Zapdos weakness. Nothing can switch in on them and threaten them except cressilia who will Twave. Only problem.....cressilia is pursuit weak and will be dying to explosions. Once cressilia is gone, your at the mercy of those powerful sweepers. If your opponent finds out about heatran, he'll just predict the switch in next time and use Close combat with Infernape rather than a fire attack to ohko. You yourself only have heatran to counter enemy heatrans. The enemy trans can and will go through your scizor, breloom and 2hko both cressilia and togekiss most of the time with SR damage.

Your lead is not really doing anything special. It sets up the sun to speed itself up, use a fast solar beam, helps cressilia heal 75% with moonlight and powers up heatrans fire attacks..........but you dont get any SR. For that matter no entry hazards at all.

This is actually not helping with your huge Gyara and sally (salamence) weakness as they will keep switching in whenever they want without any penalties. They are SR weak so you should take advantage of it. If you still want sleep on your lead, use a Bronzong lead. It sets up SR and can use Hypnosis and even set up screens if needed.

Tyranitars and Hippowdons presence doesnt really help you either. Its gonna stop the sunlight started instantly and make moonlight heal cressilia by only 25%. DD tar will completely destroy your team. Its gonna ohko togekiss with ease and ohko cressilia with SR damage after 1 DD. Due to your scizor not having high HP and not using CB, bullet punch wont ohko a tar even at 80% HP while tar will ohko with +1 stone edge. Breloom will have trouble stopping it if its already put something else to sleep. Heatran will go down to +1 aqua tail after SR damage or just be ohkoed by EQ.

Zapdos will destroy scizor, togekiss, breloom and exeggutor. Again cressilia is the only thing that stops it.

Togekiss and Scizor take too much time setting up. Your opponent wont be giving you free turns to get in 2 nasty plots or SDs. Blissey will wall togekiss and can either paralyse it or toxic stall it while togekiss will have a really hard time battling back.

Cressilia is essentially the crux of this team. You rely on it to take hits and paralyze the above power house sweepers. Losing cressilia to random explosions from the likes of Metagross, Azelf, Heatran, Magnezone, Bronzong or critical hits will spell the end for your team. Then any of the above mentioned sweepers will come in and finish you off without any resistance.

I cant tell you what to change on this team atm, as i dont have any more free time. These were all the weaknesses and problems your team has so you should watch out for them. I will tell you what to change as i get time.

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Hello Its silent here to tell you .... just type weaknesses


.... You might want cut this down ...

Steel walls you unless heatran enters which the water type says bye to

... I know It doesn't help much but gross just told you what pokes your weak to ... so even though some weaknesses are mostly one poke other types such as fire have multiple potential kills on this team

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When looking through your team I was about to say you have a big infernape problem but every1 here has already mentioned it. It is very smart that you have heatran, but if it's gone your entire team will fall prey to a fire attack

I would question a lead exeggutor but by your description it seems to work for you.

Vaporeon with ice beam (Most vaporeon carry icebeam) would really hurt you. But that's where cresellia comes in right? Watch out for a pursuiter, that will end your fun.

Another threat not mentioned is gengar, be wary of one having hidden power fire (mine does), shadowball and thunderbolt will hurt your togekiss and cres.

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