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Shiny Larvesta (does not have to be legal)


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Hello fellowes! I'd like to make a little request, because i am tired of hatching larvesta (who knows how long it takes, understands my pain). That's why i beg you to create for me shiny larvesta. My 3DS is up to date, that's why i cannot use the expolits.

Held Item: ability capsule (if possible)

Level: 1

Ability: swarm

Nickname (If wanted): Fiery Lady

Trainer ID (If specific): 00092

Secret ID (If specific): i do not know my SiD T_T

Shiny (Yes or No): Yes

Egg (Yes or No): I can accept the egg ;3

Nature: Modest

Pokérus Status: On :P

Pokéball Captured In: Love Ball

EV Stats: Maxed on Spec Attack and Spec. Def ; rest (6 points) on hp

IV Stats: 5 IV please, all, expect Attack

Ribbons (If any): dont have to ;3

Location/Date Met: Date of creation/Pokemon Daycae at battle resort in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Same

Friend Code (If Trading): 4227-3212-1861

I'd be very pleased, if someone could do it ;3 Thanks for helping me! Pm me via mail or this site ;3

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