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[Gen 3] Are there bad TrainerIDs + SecretIDs?


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Hello before I keep talking I have to admit I have a basic understanding of RNG manipulation/abuse/etc.

Due to TrainerIDs and SecretIDs playing a role for shiny encounters, I am wondering if anyone knows whether

or not, just as there are desirable IDs, there are undesirable trainer and secret ids in Pokemon gen 3.

I ask because I already have 666 hours saved on my Leaf Green game with no shiny encounters to my knowledge.

I am not dismissing the idea that I just have terrible luck over the years, but is this scenario plausible?

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I'm not an expert on this but I'm pretty sure that all possible trainer IDs have the same chance of finding shinies. It's probably just bad luck. Remember that shinies are many times easier to find now than it was back in GenIII. I'd been playing pokemon for many years before i found my first shiny and I used to spend every possible minute playing pokemon.

Now I've found/chained/bred dozens of shinies since XY/ORAS with the vast majority of them being competitively viable.

Shinies were meant to be extremely rare so it is plausible that you wouldn't have found one even with all those hours.

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