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  1. Got your attention, nice to meet you all. I currently play LG and Omega Sapphire. Not much of a Pokemon expert and I'm terrible at battling. I am sleepy. I am writing nonsense. Must get a Lickitung.. Favorite Pokemon is Yanma and I don't like cats.
  2. Sorry if it's old post but it's good to have the information. It's actually 50.. I currently have 102 and it stops at no.53
  3. Hello before I keep talking I have to admit I have a basic understanding of RNG manipulation/abuse/etc. Due to TrainerIDs and SecretIDs playing a role for shiny encounters, I am wondering if anyone knows whether or not, just as there are desirable IDs, there are undesirable trainer and secret ids in Pokemon gen 3. I ask because I already have 666 hours saved on my Leaf Green game with no shiny encounters to my knowledge. I am not dismissing the idea that I just have terrible luck over the years, but is this scenario plausible?
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