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I have had a Gateway3DS for a bit over a week know and has worked flawlessly. Until it suddenly stopped working. When I went to launch it through the web browser it crashed and went back to the home screen. I have checked and the my SD card and the launcher.dat is 100% on my SD card. Cleared history and cookies, still doesn't work. Reformatted SD card and my 3DS and still doesn't work. I hope someone can help me!

sysNAND- 8.1.0-9U

SD Card- 4GB Sandisk

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That's odd. Everything you did should have worked.

Here's an idea, turn off wireless, clear your cookies, navigate to the exploit url, then turn wireless back on. I think that helped me in the past.

I personally downgraded my system so I can use the profile exploit without the web browser, but be aware that there's a chance of bricking your system if you do so. Make sure you have a nand backup before even considering this.

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