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I want to create a new tool for Pokemon OR/AS and X/Y (Like InstaCheck)

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Not sure if this the right place to post this...

I want to create a new tool for Pokemon OR/AS and X/Y (Like InstaCheck) But better.

It will be able to able to analyze Battles on Wifi in order to see what other players are doing and what move they chose.

I also want it to be able to see what you are about to get on Wonder Trade so you can disconnect before trading.

And maybe even analysis during a link trade and/or Multi Battles.

Now the question is: Is this even possible to do any more or at all? What will this take to create a such Tool?

I would really appreciate feedback on this topic.

Thanks! ~Toshiro

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In general if you have to ask something like this you're proving that you're not willing/able to follow through--because you're lacking the basic foundation of knowledge that you'd have to build off in order to do so. Normally I don't point this out because it comes off rather insensitive and elitist but it is an unfortunate truth. I guess I pointed it out today because what you're describing sounds an awful lot like a way to get an edge over other (unknown) players while online which is--with good reason--frowned upon around here.

On the off chance I'm wrong about all the above, you have to start by finding a way to view the plaintext communications between your 3DS and whatever relevant domains it connects to. With the plaintext you can (probably with some effort) reverse engineer a client.

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