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Generate a saves xorpad from before and after saves?

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I know it may seem like a strange question since I can obviously get a decrypted save already but I do have a couple use cases where this may come in handy.

If you have a encrypted 0000001.sav and a decrypted "main" from savedatafiler made at the same time would it be possible to generate a saves xorpad by just comparing them? (All digital versions so Powersaves is not a option like the current instructions need)?

My use cases for why it would be handy would be

1) For if I ever accidentally end up with a broken 3DS but no recent decrypted backups I could pull the memory card which is still likely working and get a decrypted main that could be imported into a replacement system.

2) To open some old backed up .sav files from before getting a Gateway.

I do make regular backups both local and off site but I still want to be extra safe and like the thought of the ability to not depend on old backups but be able to decrypt the latest as long as the pretty well protected memory card survives.

It may seem unlikely but I have in the past had basically the exact same use case scenario "1" happen and got old info back 6 years after the fact when I finally found a copy of a encrypted backup. (Now I'm better with local and offsite backups for not losing them)

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