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To all HG/SS elite trainers there!!


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Good afternoon! Im planning to play HG/SS after BW2..I have a question...will the game be easy if i use a party of legendary pokemon? particularly on the elite 4? secondly...is there a hard mode on this game? and is having a party of legendary pokemon be overpowered even when hard mode is on? Lastly, what if i use only one legendary pokemon will it still be overpowered?

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This game is notorious for a terrible level curve. Be prepared for a lot of grinding if you have a party with over one Pokemon. Even with just one Pokemon you will most likely be underleveled by the time you reach the game's final boss. At least this is my experience: from the many times I have replayed this game and fighting every single trainers, it was very easy to be underleveled even if you were going on the right course.

Also it depends on what legendaries you have: the Pokemon that the AI uses are limited in pool as there are only around ~250 Pokemon in the first half of the game. You will get one of the legendary birds depending on the version (Ho-oh in HG, Lugia in SS), but even they have trouble with some Elite 4, such as Bruno's Machamp, whose Stone Edge will never miss Ho-oh and will most likely one shot it. I did not use legendaries, but being underleveled, I relied on some X items to get me through.

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