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  1. Hello I want to hear some suggestions on my zoroark.. I'm playing Pokemon BLAZE BLACK 2 and I can't decide which movesets I'll use.. I love role playing and I want my ZOROARK to be: 1. A Mixed attacker 2. I initially don't wanna lose this move: NIGHT DAZE.. I'm willing to edit zoroark's ability and nature as long as it comes out as a very cool melee and ranged combatant. 3. I want it to learn Fire punch too. Should I edit its type to DARK/FIRE too?LOL.. I just love Zoroark's design but I'm not a fan of its illusion ability..it's very cool but I think being able to see zoroark's own image (not some pokemon it copies) is still best.. So yeah, basically I want a new zoroark... Excited to hear your thoughts!
  2. :cool: COOL!....release release release!! kidding..take your time..i really like your custom pokemons! Hope there will be mega gallade
  3. basically I want to change pokemon height..is it possible?
  4. So, I was editing an evolution of a pokemon using PRC...a pokemon that evolves into White Kyurem...but whenmy pokemon finally evolves it turns into an unknown with no name and when I look at my party pokemon it had become a bad egg...can anyone explain this?...
  5. Ok so I'm making a hack with mega evolution..but the animation during battle messes up my custom sprite..is there anyway to remove the in-battle sprite animations of the pokemon? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. So basically I want to change samurott in pokemon B2W2..Physically change everything but I do not know how....please help me...here is an alternate Samurott
  7. Hello! Can anyone teach me how to put my custom pokemon into the heartgold rom without replacing an existing pokemon?
  8. Good afternoon! Im planning to play HG/SS after BW2..I have a question...will the game be easy if i use a party of legendary pokemon? particularly on the elite 4? secondly...is there a hard mode on this game? and is having a party of legendary pokemon be overpowered even when hard mode is on? Lastly, what if i use only one legendary pokemon will it still be overpowered?
  9. Thanks a lot...:tongue: ill still play it though
  10. Hello guys Im about to finish black 2 and I want to relieve heartgold version...the only thing that bothers me is the battle User interface...Is there a way to make the box transparent so you can see your pokemon whole body when battling? Im talking about the box where "wild entei cant escape" text is found
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