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Can Anyone Rate My Team's?? And help me assemble a new one??

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well if anyone can i would really appreciate it:biggrin:

first my main team and the best one i think i have:


held item:focas sash

attacks:sunny day, solarbeam, explosion, sleep powder


held item:leftovers

attacks:Moonlight, reflect, ice beam, thunder wave


held item:leftovers

Attacks:thunder wave, air slash, roost, nasty plot


held item:life orb

attacks:bullet punch, swords dance, roost, superpower


held item:toxic orb

attacks:spore, focas punch, seed bomb, substitute


held item:choice scarf

attacks:fire blast, earth power, explosion, dragon pulse


My second team:


held item:leftovers

attacks:thunderbolt, recover, surf, ice beam


held item:life orb

attacks:thunderbolt, shadow ball, focas blast, hidden power(Fire)


held item:Leftovers

attacks:Brave Bird, roost, whirlwind, spikes


held item:leftovers

attacks:curse, payback, wish, baton pass


held item:leftovers

attacks:Flamethrower, energy ball, hypnosis, nasty plot


held item:Leftovers

attacks:Roar, earthquake, stockpile, slack off


Here are some other pokes that i havent assembled into teams yet, if someone can help me put a new team together with these pokemon it would help or even with other pokemon that arent here.

Weavile, Tyranitar, Bronzong, Porygon-Z, Lucario, Gliscor, Swampert, Drapion, Weezing, Gyrados, Zapdos, Flygon, Regirock, Metagross, Blissey, Alakazam, Rhyperior, Dusknoir, Ninjask, Rampardos, Dewgong, mamoswine, abomosnow

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