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tool [GEN3]TSK's Shiny Chance Changing tool v2.1

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Shiny Chance Changing tool v2.1

Note: I lifted this thread from another forum where I posted my tool, I'm leaving the version info in for reference. If anyone is interested in the source(I can understand the trust issue) I'd be happy to upload it, it's a bit messy though.

What is the Shiny Chance Changing tool?

As the name suggests this is a tool that allows you to change the shiny encounter rate!

Supported ROMs

  • English Fire Red

  • English Emerald

  • English Ruby

How to use this tool

First, make sure ShinyCC.exe and ShinyCCGUI.exe are in the same folder!

Run ShinyCCGUI.exe, fill in the required data and hit the patch button!

Your patched ROM will be saved to the folder that contains ShinyCC.exe


This tool can also be used on the command line:

ShinyCC.exe <InFile.gba> <OutFile.gba> <numerator> <denominator>

InFile.gba is your input file, a must be a ROM supported by the program.

OutFile.gba is the name of the file that will be created by the tool, the patched ROM.

The numerator and the denominator will determine the shiny chance, setting them to 1 and 2 respectively will result in a 50% shiny rate for example.

Or you can use the tool as:

ShinyCC.exe <InFile.gba> <OutFile.gba> <percentage>

Where percentage is the desired shiny chance.

Important details

This tool changes the way the game interprets shinyness of a pokemon.

This means that shinies from a patched ROM will not appear shiny in an unmodified ROM!

Changing the shiny chance and loading an existing save may change which pokemon appear shiny.

This also means that real shinies may not appear shiny on a ROM that has been patched with this tool.


Known bugs

Pokemon shown in dialog boxes(such as starters when choosing them) have gltched palettes.(Fixed as of v2.1)



-Fixed a bug in Fire Red where pokemon shown in image boxes(Like when choosing a starter) would have a glitched palette

-Fixed a bug in Emerald where pokemon shown in image boxes(Like when choosing a starter) would have a shiny palette


-English Ruby support added

-Graphical User Interface added


-English Emerald support added

-Percentage entry on command line added


Initial release

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Hello, can you make an version 4th Gen, please ?

And, do that work with trades in-game and eggs ?

Thank you

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